Top 5 Resources to Market Your Book

Whether it’s about creating a new e-Book or marketing an old one, always find a lot of resources to promote your book pdf. This is crucial because without it, there will be nothing to drive sales. One does not necessarily have to get the book itself published through a publishing house. They can simply create and self-publish it.

resources to market your book

PROS: Limited language. Associated with major publishing and distribution platforms worldwide. Easiest way to self publishes or Books without the need of a publisher. Provide you with all the resources to promote your book through various modes. Help you design an easy user interface for your publication.

CONS: None! Most self-publishing platforms offer authors full control over their creations. Authors are allowed to edit their work, add captions, change the cover, even give the book away as a physical product. Aspiring authors can learn from the mistakes made by the established authors. Self-publishing platforms are especially useful to budding writers because these platforms provide them with all the tools they need to become successful.

WHY IT’S APPEALING: E-Books are taking the market by storm because of its amazing features and exciting content. Nowadays, eBooks are selling like hot cakes, and this is the reason why publishing houses have capitalized on this opportunity. But only professional authors can assure of good sales through these eBooks. But how can amateur authors make their dreams of getting a publisher happen? Well here are a few tips:

Create a solid marketing plan: Marketing your novel is the crucial first step towards self-published success. You must have a well-planned marketing strategy in place that will not only attract readers to your work but will also help you to get good royalties. Although, an experienced editor can do the job for you, the only way to ensure professional quality is to hire an editor who has the experience and skill to transform your creatively written manuscript into a polished, professionally edited book. In case you’re not aware of the different types of royalty percentages available, it’s best to consult an editor who has strong knowledge about commercial terms and understand your unique situation.

Understand the different pros and cons: As a self-published author, you will come across many challenges. One of them is having limited language options. Being a small publishing house does not mean you don’t have the resources to effectively promote your eBooks. There are a number of online book reviewing and rating sites where you can publish your work and attract a larger customer base. Moreover, there are various analytics available to help you evaluate your sales performance.

Learn from the pros: Many of these online companies offer analytics software that helps authors to track their sales, audience and spending habits. Another important tool that these companies offer is a platform that allows authors to create profiles for easier online management of their portfolio. Most of these platforms allow users to add their own reviews and add comments, which help authors improve their writing and marketing techniques. Moreover, analytics software provides additional features such as demographics, which enable authors to study what groups they are doing best with their books.

The most successful self-published authors have chosen E-Book publishing platforms that have comprehensive resources for analytics. These platforms include detailed demographics, which provide information on what group of readers purchased their book, what time of day they purchased it and what areas they live in. It would be best if you do your research on the platform you are planning to use before paying for the service. Many services charge a monthly fee for usage. So, if you are planning to publish your first self-published book, it would be better if you used an analytics program for self-publishing, which provides reliable and detailed data for the sake of your success.