Benefits of Prestige Window Tints Bolton

Prestige Window Tints (Formerly Prestige Window Film UK Limited), is a renowned professional window tint manufacture based in Bolton, England. It is now part of Prestige Tint Solutions Ltd, a company located in the U.K., and is authorized by the MoD. The company is established in 2021 and is now rapidly growing.

Prestige Window Tints Bolton

Prestige Window Tints offers quality films like 3M that meet the highest standards. In addition to the quality of the films, Prestige Window Tints offers the most competitive prices in the industry, making their services highly affordable. To make sure that you have the best quality tints available, Prestige Window Tints uses state-of-the-art machinery that ensures top-quality results. The company uses a process called gas-free plasma dye sublimation to apply the tints. This process produces 100% color accuracy and superior clarity. The tints are also clear, offering superb visibility.

Not only do Prestige Window Tints offer a variety of high-quality films like 3M, but they also offer special promotions and discounts for their customers. With a large selection of high-tech, energy-efficient tinting windows, Prestige Tinting represents one of the leading manufacturers of window tinting products in the U.K., Europe and Australia. The company is continually expanding its product line and will add more window treatments in the future. Many of the newly-introduced products are designed for Winterization to provide the most effective protection against cold, while offering the maximum level of UV filtering and privacy control.

Car tinting products like Prestige Window Tints have many advantages over older, more traditional window tints, making them an excellent choice for Winterization. They offer full auto glass protection, including the ability to create a frosted effect and minimize glare. The new tints are resistant to sunlight, helping to extend the life of your car’s windows and reducing unnecessary wear and tear. In addition, Prestige tints are much clearer than the old fashioned tints, offering better visibility when driving in bright sunshine or on clear days.

Recently installed new doors are another way that Prestige Window Tints can help improve visibility. Whether you have recently installed new doors or are looking to add privacy and reduction of glare to your current doors, Prestige Tinting Bolton can help. The company offers a variety of door tint products that can reduce glare from the outside and decrease heat buildup inside your car. Most of the tinted doors can be washed easily with soap and water and left to dry on their own.

Prestige Window Tints Bolton is also well-known for their home window tinting services. Their wide range of home window tint products are designed to provide you with complete privacy and light reduction for your home, office or shop. If you have recently installed new doors or are looking to add some personal privacy and reduction of glare to your home or car, Prestige Window Tints Bolton can help. Their variety of products includes window film, curtains, blinds, shades, shutters, film, vinyl and many other options to suit your needs perfectly.