Freight+Volume Music Review

Freight+Volume, the most sought after contemporary artist in New York. A solo artist with credits to more than twenty different projects, his work ranges from installations, sculptures, photographic works, as well as book/visual art. He has made an indelible mark on the New York art scene. Owing to an eminence in the field of multimedia art, his pieces often appear in exhibits and installations at both the local and national level. Gallery of emerging & experienced artists showcase the diverse styles, visions and techniques of contemporary artist, focusing on those areas that embrace multimedia art.


Freight+Volume are a solo artist hailing from Echo Park, Los Angeles. After studying visual communication at university, Freight+Volume spent years traveling the US and abroad, visiting many renowned museums and galleries, exhibiting at solo exhibits and group exhibitions alike. He honed his technical artistic style at the School of Visual Communication at the University of Utah, working there for two years studying Graphic Communication. Following this, he moved into graphic design, working for several companies before launching his own solo practice in 1996. After creating a small web based company, he decided to launch Freight+Volume, a compilation CD/DVD boxed set of varied works produced from the aforementioned travels and solo studio sessions. As an independent artist, the variety and quality of his work have been a source of inspiration for other contemporary artists interested in doing similar work.

Freight+Volume contain eleven CDs, which span the major areas of electronic and contemporary music. The majority of the work focuses on synthesizers and samples, using sound as a medium to communicate emotions and ideas. However, on some songs, such as those by Disclosure, piano appears prominently. The musical themes are clearly present throughout the collection and enhance the overall feel of the work. The songs are often arranged around themes that compliment the content of the music, which may be new or imagined, but nevertheless provide an aesthetic context for the work.

Some of the more common genres of music included on Freight+Volume are rock, pop, jazz, soul, and more. In addition, the majority of the collection features works by independent artists who released their own material, rather than those endorsed by major labels or associated with a label with a large budget. These artists use the funds generated from the album sales to fund a traveling shows, allowing them to expose their work to audiences beyond the immediate geographical area of the studio. The resulting mix of local and international talent results in a diverse range of sound, allowing listeners to choose exactly what they want to hear. Although these types of artistic collaborations have become more common as the number of independent artists has increased, the popularity of Freight+ Volume goes further back than that: many independent musicians use this series as a tool to supplement their music budget.

Freight+Volume also include an extensive list of bonus tracks, featuring work from bands that wouldn’t normally be seen on a mainstream record label album. A notable example is The Black Lips and Their Magical Mystery, a collaboration between Los Angeles-based musician/bands The Black Lips and British band The Jesus & The Mary Chain. Featuring original songs written by both artists, along with Freight+Volume covers of these songs, this collaboration provides yet another example of the variety of musicians who can benefit from a full-LP package. Bonus tracks often include alternate versions of previously released songs, featuring variations the band hadn’t already released. Other bonus tracks include original music, unreleased tracks, and albums never before available in mainstream distribution.

The Freight+Volume album cover is not the only way that the group uses their online platform to promote their music. Freight+Volume’s official website features a section where fans can create custom covers for their own copies of the album, adding their own touches and comments. Another fan-created cover is a collage of photos taken by the band as various events occurred throughout its history. The images feature various locations, such as locations at which the group performed, concerts, and even video clips from concerts and other times the band was away.