Kernel County Police Agencies Sporting For The Future In Our Youth

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Local law enforcement companies are teaming up with kids on copie to help switch their life around. These are taking the children to the Kernel County Track Track to provide them encounter on working on the race cars. They have to end up being maintained weekly, race cars are incredibly temperamental, they will like to break apart, and our officers push them very hard, said John Piker, Kernel County Raceway Park Construction Supervisor. Regional law enforcement be competitive in the very first responders contest at the trail. Participating agencies include Kernel County Copie, the Sheriffs department, Bakersfield police, Taft police, Shafter police, Betriebssystemkern County open fire and Santa ana fire. Officers get to competition the cars weekly, and they work together with the kids to give them physical experience on the race cars. We have to socialize not only with all the kids, using each other, as the agencies are extremely big all of us dont know each other, so its kind of any way to relinquish to the junior, said Santa ana Police Officer Craig Trefz. Not only is the program preparing the 22 kids on copie for a future career, it is usually teaching all of them about obligation. They focus on the cars, plus somebodys a lot more in that vehicle, and they understand that, said Piker. Nicholas Garza is in the plan and states it gives hello The next very first responders race will be a prior weekend not too long ago, May 10, at 6 pm on the Kern Region Raceway. Seat tickets are $15.