NAR: Many Real Estate Agents Spend Their Particular Marketing Bucks In The Completely Wrong Places

Editors take note: This is the first of a two-part series.
The particular National Association of Realtors 2014 Home Purchaser and Owner Generational Styles report will be packed with necessary knowledge for just about any real estate expert who wants to produce the best go back on his marketing dollar. Exactly where should you be investing your money? Advertising dollars picture via Shutterstock.
Are you spending lots of money each year on search engine optimization, Myspace ads or even other types of Internet advertising? How much do you spend annually on direct mailing, newspapers ads, calendars and magnets?
If you are spending heavily during these areas, you could seriously want to reconsider whether the return justifies the costs. Actually you may be losing valuable marketing and advertising dollars that could be better spent elsewhere.
Unexpected findings: Where do vendors find their own listing brokers?
Because entries are in quick supply, brokers are being far more aggressive regarding advertising. In line with the NAR report, however , many agents are usually spending their particular marketing dollars in the completely wrong places.