BOSS Danial Sadd: Ex-Realtor Runs Beauty Contr?le

In an industry that will continues to evolve and spawn new business models in response to customer
demand, Daniel Sadd has landed over a winning method. In fact , what Sadd very first created inside Columbus
together with Salon Lofts has been therefore successful in addition to personally satisfying, it led him to improve careers
from commercial real-estate development to spotlight building their beauty-salon empire.
Salon Lofts' approach is to provide impartial beauty-care companies with the room and
behind-the-scenes support to use their organizations however they wish. Customizable marketing
tools in addition to client database software are area of the services that are included with the beauty salon space.
Growing from a solitary location attained in the year 2003, Salon Lofts are now propagate across Kansas and in to
Florida, Atlanta, Indiana plus Missouri.
Beauty salon Lofts provides put a lot of emphasis on technologies since Sadd bought his first location. Its
site does much more than plan appointments; that lets home-owners customers evaluate prices between
its companies, search several locations in addition to read about typically the stylist who is available to
carry out the required service.
The business offers the impartial business owners that lease space in its properties access to
the online arranging and marketing and advertising programs. Hair salon Lofts' independent operators gain access to
computerized client-management systems that track salon visits, services preferences plus stylist
records. The company functions balance making a website that may be consumer-friendly and helpful to its
loft proprietors, Sadd mentioned.
"We're wanting to please two parties, inch he stated. "It's important we do a good job for them. "

Queen: How does Hair salon Lofts vary from other salons and spas that rent chairs in order to service providers?
A: Our difference is we do pay attention to giving a lot of support to the people that rent
space from us. We're about leads generation for them; fantastic customer service plus building genuinely
cool technology to make their own life less difficult.

Q: What's the relationship between company plus the stylists who lease lofts from you?
The: We really value the freedom in our loft owners. We in no way try to drive anything in it. We
provide all the capacity to the stylists where they could pick and choose the services they want to offer you,
the price points, when they work.

Q: Could you give us one of how stylists have afflicted the way Salon Lofts look or
A: All of us just built a new store in the Quick North. The very first
10 loft area owners installed on, all of us sat down with them plus designed the particular cabinets. These people told us what
to create for them. It absolutely was a great Bring; D task for us. Our company is using individuals cabinets proceeding

Q: What function do you see technology enjoying in the future in the salon?
A: Technology offers stylists the chance to be genuinely findable plus more transportable than
ever before. It gives you an opportunity for them to make themselves known and market themselves.
The days of huge brands usually are over. Our own role is simply to find a point of relationship for the folks
that keep company with us -- whether it's the buyer or the provider.

Q: Adopting the lead associated with opentable. apresentando, you purchased the particular domain name openchair. com. Such as
opentable. com, which provides users the ability to help to make real-time cafe reservations,
openchair. com enables users to schedule hair, toe nail, skin, putting wax on and massage appointments at any of
its locations. Essential will base on demand services end up being for the beauty industry?
A: It appeals to a section of the consumers. Some would like convenience. Openchair. com provides
convenience. That allows the buyer to find a hair dresser at a specific location using a particular value
point. That will appeals to a specific demographic.

Q: How does your current background in real estate help the company?
A: Well, it can help us determine where the greatest places in order to put the hair salon the location where the stylists
that rent coming from us will probably be successful. If you put hair salons and spas where customers want to go, smart stylists
follows. That's the largest way it will help. Also, (it helps in) understanding building and

Q: The reason why did e-commerce appeal to you?
The: At first I thought -- and am was dead wrong -- it absolutely was about real-estate. As I received more
involved with it, it became even more exciting plus interesting to work with small-business owners and
make them grow their business. The company seems therefore right. Every thing about it is so right. Is actually
right for typically the stylists. Is actually right for the particular consumers, and it is right for me personally (as) the owner. It
seems to me like a legitimate, non-gimmicky business. It can an easy company to are in love