Chicago, Il Law Firm Seyfarth Shaw Sees Technology

Chicago attorney Peter Callier likes to explain his law practice as the Costco of corporate legal solutions.
Our aim is to be a reliable value, mentioned Miller, controlling partner regarding Seyfarth Shaw, an 850-lawyer firm.
To offer more available, the law company borrowed a concept from security contractor Lockheed Martin. Seyfarth created a small team separate from its information-technology department to create digital tools to help attorneys enhance services and reduce charges.

The team of 8 is not a new secret party inside Seyfarth, like Lockheeds Skunk Functions unit that began within 1940s and was accountable for a number of well-known aircraft styles. But such as the Skunk Works concept, Seyfarths group has a high degree of autonomy to come up with novel ways to integrate technologies deeper in to the practice of law.
Seyfarth is at the leading edge of enormous law firms which may have essentially setup research and development departments to use i . t as an aggressive edge. The an non-traditional strategic approach driven by simply cost-conscious company clients, fresh competition along with a trend in the direction of more effort.
Clients are seeing results. Regarding Nikes legal department, Seyfarths Ramp; D team, known internally since legal remedies architects, designed a Web-based site to manage hundreds of procurement agreements for the sportswear company. Beneath the plan, a new Seyfarth lawyer would determine the most successful way to handle a legal review of each deal, sending the job to another attorney in the company or to a third party, including a business in Of india. In the very first year, Coleman saw typically the turnaround moment for projects fall from more than two weeks to some little lower than three days and nights.
The instance is telling about the lifestyle of corporate lawyers. Plenty of what they do will be high-volume, routine work wherever they provide more project management oversight compared to advice and counsel. Job management is about the process, where efficiency and productivity increases can be found.
However there has been no profit to re-engineer and pioneer inside big law firms, legitimate experts mentioned. Theres built in tension between the billable hour, still the predominant method lawyers usually are paid, in addition to productivity. The particular nations biggest firms are becoming private millionaires clubs following enjoying a number of decades regarding revenue plus profit development, partly the result of increasing by the hour rates.
Personally i think like the legal profession is actually the last in order to embrace technology, said Roland Vogl, professional director in the Stanford Legislation Schools Program in Law, Research amp; Technology. Its largely done enterprise the same way for the last 100 years.
Seyfarths average income per spouse last year was $925, 1000, according to The United states Lawyer journal. But the company, which reduce its the teeth advising Chicago, il businesses on labor and employment concerns, has a good being progressive and asking the status quo.
Concerning 10 years in the past, the companies management started out examining regardless of whether it could increase the quality of its client encounter. Corporate customers were challenging cheaper, faster and better services to manage international business demands.
Seyfarth looked to its manufacturing consumers who were steeped in the process-improvement philosophies associated with Six Sigma and lean manufacturing with regard to guidance. It borrowed from both and began producing flowcharts in order to illustrate the activities of an attorney defending a good employee-benefits suit or working on a merger.
We have above 400 procedure maps, said Andrew Baker, global overseer of Seyfarths legal technological innovation innovations office. We suppose about the globe as a method, not that it isnt wickedly complex plus nuanced.
The point is to analyze the task and find areas that can be standard or automatic to improve high quality and uniformity. Entrepreneurs already were producing inroads in the automation of legal processes, especially in the part of document overview.
Lawsuits and government research involve the exchange of megabytes regarding electronically saved information. Discovering, preserving, collecting, processing in addition to reviewing data is labor intensive and expensive. A whole business, known as e-discovery, has appeared. Companies within this field that get paid a set fee as opposed to an hourly rate possess incentives to be able to streamline the particular review procedure.
Businesses are increasingly challenging that their law firms cost a set charge for their function. At Seyfarth, so-called alternative fee plans account for regarding 20 percent from the firms income, Miller said.
Seyfarth implemented a number of systems that allow for better tracking regarding documents in addition to cases, increasing efficiency on the firm. Yet managers wished to do more. These people wanted to provide technology nearer to their customers, to make it easier to do business using the firm in addition to harder to leave to get a competitor.
In 2012, the firm rehired Baker to launch its lawful technology enhancements office. Baker, who has a new law diploma and an undergraduate diploma in management information systems, experienced previously proved helpful in Seyfarths knowledge management department before leaving another law firm inside Chicago.
Baker was given a staff of two. When we started on this journey, there were a lot of cautious observers within the firm.
The teams first success was designing a mobile-friendly software application that allows attorneys to a consumers trademarks much better. Called Brand Watch Discover, the app alerts the client any time a new mark appears that is just like one of its own. The client can quickly review the particular competing mark and let a lawyer know via one simply click whether in order to oppose or perhaps ignore this. The decisions are grabbed in a database for reference.
Bakers group of legal solutions architects has grown to be able to eight. They may not be computer programmers they all managed to graduate from law school, so that they have something in common with lawyers. But they also have shown an interest in the area of regulation and technology.
Dustin Johnson came to Seyfarth in 2012 directly from Georgetown Universitys law school, where he took part in the universities inaugural Iron Tech Legal professional Competition, through which teams associated with students constructed apps to assist the public understand legal techniques.
One of the technologies offices largest accomplishments is the creation of the Web-based portal for client collaboration and case management. Typically the portal is made up of databases, calendars, tracking systems and economic reporting methods that enable clients to utilize Seyfarth attorneys in a soft and transparent manner, Baker said.
The legal solutions architects personalize the digital platform to fit the customers requirements. For supplier US Meals, Seyfarth incorporated a system to allow the legal and human-resources departments to track each accommodation the company produces employees along with disabilities in order to comply with federal regulations. The woking platform also permits Pamela Davidson, associate general counsel in the Rosemont-based business, to get standing updates quickly on the one hundred ten employment-related instances she manages.
Its such as I have Seyfarth resources as an extension associated with my legal staff, said Davidson, that worked on the law firm for seven many years. It would be extremely tough to break plan them.
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