Is A 'Smart Suitcase' The Solution To The Stress Regarding Travel?

"You down load the Raden app from the App Store and after that you choose your house airport, so that it actually geo-locates the nearest airport to you personally. You can allow it into your email or you can get into your trip information. After which it is providing you weather and weather gaps, security hold out time, public transit or travel by simply car and it also deep links with Uber, inch Udashkin advised the MONK Business Network's Maria Bartiromo.

Udashkin then mentioned the suitcase's tracking characteristic.

"And then it tracks where the situations are. So right now it can saying that this situatio is less than one yard away from me personally, and if we all rolled it the studio it would tell me exactly where it absolutely was. "

Udashkin later explained how a customer service feature can work using the tracking tool to locate dropped bags.

"Let's say your bag is mishandled or it is misplaced, you can simply press inside the right-hand part our chat feature after which you can discuss live to our customer service in New York.