How City Corridor Cheated The Particular Disabled To Create Money For Developers

AFFORDABLE HOUSING HANDICAP SCAM--Just when you think that the Mayor and the Los Angeles City Council could not sink lower, new evidence comes to light.?/p>
We see and hear the publicity stunts by Mayor Garcetti and various councilmembers, crying for the need to construct more Affordable Housing. What has the City been doing to create Affordable Housing? According to the LA Times on April 2, 2016, It has been demolishing Affordable Units to make way for pricy apartments, condos and McMansions!?/p>
That's right, the City has been helping developers not only destroy affordable housing, but then through its HCIDLA Committee, the City has been giving tax money for the developers who just demolished the rent controlled properties. They justify these gifts of our money on the grounds that the poor need housing. As a result of this scam, the City Council has been voting unanimously to allow rent controlled units to be destroyed and then giving hundreds of millions of our tax dollars to the very people who tore down the homes.?/p>
It's like a late night Infomercial, "Wait there's more." While Mayor Garcetti and current Council President Herb Wesson have been shedding crocodile tears for the less fortunate, they have been abusing the City's disabled population in order to divert more tax dollars to the billionaire developers. On camera, they speak in the name of the disabled, while screwing them off camera.?/p>
No need to take my word for it. We have documented proof. In January 2012, while Mayor Garcetti was City Council President, the City and its now defunct Community Redevelopment Agency [CRA] was sued in federal court for systematically and knowingly cheating Los Angeles' disabled persons. (Independent Living Center of Southern California et alia v City of Los Angeles, Community Redevelopment Agency [CRA], United States District Court for the Central District Court of California, Case Number SACV12 0062JST.)?/p>
For at least the last decade, during which time Eric Garcetti had been Council District 13 Councilmember (2001-2014) and City Council President (2006-2012), the City and Garcetti's beloved CRA cheated both disabled persons and the tax payers. Here's the scam they used:?/p>
(1) In order to receive tax money to construct affordable housing, the City had to guarantee that the developers made their apartments and condos disabled accessible. [Lawsuit ?76]?/p>
(2)   Because making apartments and condos accessible to disabled persons costs the developers more money, the City not only allowed developers not to provide the legally require handicap facilities, but Garcetti and other councilmembers also frustrated the efforts of advocates for the disabled to document the violations. [Lawsuit, ??78-82]?/p>
As a result, Gran Garcetti in addition to current Local authority or council President Herb Wesson, together with all the remaining portion of the Los Angeles Metropolis Council, have helped to divert poisonous of duty dollars in order to developers simply by allowing them not to make the needed handicap enhancements to their jobs.

"By the actions described above, Defendants have engaged in, and continue to engage in a pattern or practice of discrimination against people with disabilities in violation of the Rehabilitation Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and Government Code ?1135. The Defendants continue to engage in such a pattern, practice, or policy of discrimination so as to constitute a continuing violation." Lawsuit ?85?/p>

That's right; Garcetti and Wesson are still at it! Look at how many of the projects named in the lawsuit are in Wesson's Council District #10.?/p>

". . . Defendants have known that their acts and omissions create a substantial likelihood of harm to Plaintiffs federally protected rights, and Defendants have failed to act upon that likelihood." Lawsuit?86  ?/p>

We are not dealing with innocent mistakes of a complicated law. The law is as simple as one could want: "This money is to be used to make the housing accessible to disabled persons." What's not to understand? How does this then become, "Use this tax money to buy yourself a mansion in Bel Air?"?/p>
Let's understand that in 2011, the State abolished Los Angeles CRA due to rampant corruption. Garcetti and Wesson knew about this fraud as they had been actively assisting and abetting the curve of hundreds of millions of tax dollars away from disabled individuals to enrich their buddies, real estate developers. (CityWatch wrote a series of articles about the corrupt CRA, especially about Garcetti's dog project, The Cesspool about Vine. )  
Angelenos must ask themselves: Do we want to be dominated by men who take from the disabled in order to offer more of the tax dollars to designers? That is exactly what Garcetti, Wesson and all another councilmembers happen to be doing. They already know the taxes dollars were to make this casing accessible to the disabled, yet they granted the designers to pants pocket this funds while leaving the disabled persons out in the cold.
? /p>
(Richard Shelter Abrams is actually a Los Angeles legal professional. He can become reached in: [email protected]. apresentando.  Abrams views are his own and do not actually reflect the views of CityWatch. ) Edited for CityWatch by simply Linda Abrams.