7 Women Shattering The Journey Industry's A Glass Ceiling

But that's transforming and in a big way. More and more women are actually executives at major traveling brands, running their own businesses and starting some of the best travel startups out there.
Our goal is to highlight a range of badass #GirlBosses in a variety of holiday companies from massive corporation to be able to startups to more romantic mom-and-pop outlets in order to show there's more than one way to be a fantastic woman doing work in the travel industry.
Kate McCue, Captain from Celebrity Cruise ships
Kate McCue started dreaming about commanding her own cruise liner when she was just 12 years aged. Little did she realize that, until a year ago, there were no American woman captains regarding cruise ships.

The more somebody learns concerning me, typically the broader their own idea of a 'Captain' gets.

Yet after years of working the woman way upward through the rates high of the big ships, McCue became of which first American woman to get named a captain inside 2015, overtaking one of Superstar Cruises mega-ships, the Superstar Summit.
The greater someone understands about me, the wider their notion of a Chief becomes, McCue said. Luckily, I encounter more possibilities than issues, but there's an unique problem in beating the belief of what a captain must be, ie what he seems like, sounds like and even walks like.

The cruise ship Celebrity Peak docked in Portland, Maine, in 2012.