Suggested Truthfulness Legislation Spooks Russian News Aggregators

Imagine when everything that appeared on Google Information had to go through Google


first for fact-checking. Thats the situation that might arise inside Russia, hitting foreign and local web titans, such as Yandex, alike.
Russia has limited media regulates that include the requirement to make sure all print, broadcast plus online reports is true. The particular Kremlin made these rules on blog owners as well inside 2014, and today lawmakers from communist in addition to center-left parties are trying to deliver news aggregators into the fold.
The bill, submitted to the Duma (Russias parliament) late Feb, would effectively say that news aggregators are exactly the same as mass media operations.
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This would possibly mean Google would have to shut down Google Information in Russia, as advertising companies within the country must have no more than even just the teens foreign ownership (under an additional recent law).
But it might also trigger major complications for regional companies running aggregators, like Yandex and Mail. ru. These functions would turn out to be liable if they spread bogus information in addition to state firms complain about it.
According to nearby reports about Thursday, Yandex executive Ekaterina Fadeeva said it would be difficult for her business to conform to the new regulation.
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