[Update] Agent Will Get 15K From Williamsburg Real Estate Firm After Legal Action...

[Somewhat Confusing But Important Update Below] Generally speaking, their a bad idea to blend work plus flesh photosmaybe your co workers will make fun of you, or even mock both you and share your current photos on-line. Last year the Manhattan real estate property broker slipped a penile photo in to a listing for an Upper West Side house, and now an additional real estate broker has agreed to pay the woman former Williamsburg firm $15K for publishing nude images of himself to the companys accounts (and allegedly taking Brooklyn real estate listings). We all knew real estate market within NYC was obscene, yet this is having rim shot!

Long Island native Stephanie Gribbin had been employed by real-estate firm Nooklyn in August this year, but shortly began uploading nude in addition to seminude photographs of their self to Nooklyns Dropbox accounts, according to the firms lawsuit in opposition to her, that they filed previous winter. Additionally , the firm claims Gribbin contacted landlords and customers she had known through the business and tried to convince them to work with her new company, Stephanie Went up Consulting.

The company claimed her actions damage a business that may be trying to get off the floor, while Gribbin countered the company terminated her to be pregnant, and made up the accusations as an reason. However , Gribbin ultimately decided to settle using the company, acknowledging she performed upload the particular photos, which usually she said were tasteful art photos that the lady transmitted about company personal computers but never intended for public consumption.

Let Gribbins misfortune become a reminder to keep your nude selfie transmitting (to your phone) out of the place of work, or else youll end up due the company of which fired a person money AND will have to deal with weird people on the net.

UPDATE: The particular Post initially reported that will Gribbin would have to pay Nooklyn $15K for uploading the woman nude pics using their machines, but they have now quietly up to date their article to switch everything aroundit looks Nooklyn agreed to pay Gribbin $15K with regard to discrimination (perhaps related to the girl accusation which they fired the woman after getting pregnant). The Post failed to note that these people changed the article in any way, you could see their own initial mistake still within the URL (http://nypost.com/2014/05/08/broker-to-pay-15k-for-uploading-nude-pictur...). You can see typically the Daily Postal mail also documented that Gribbin paid the company.