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Lottie Tomlinson has been helping students of the Beauty School Dropout program, started by the girl mentor Lou Teasdale, over the five-day fast guide. Out of a new pool of applicants, simply 10 have been chosen to get involved and had been flown into London from the US, Laxa, sweden, Denmark, as well as the UK Attractiveness pros Lou Teasdale and Nicola Schuller teamed up to offer this take care of to students for free and better method to make the students#x2019; week as compared to by having aiming makeup expert Lottie Tomlinson along to help? Lottie#x2019; t attending this software every day and will be showing the students the rules on how to carry out videos of the looks. She is an increasing YouTube superstar, after all. Today Lottie actually served since the model for one of the makeup lessons by Bea Sweet and the effect is ahh-mazing. Lottie was snapped inside a major fluorescents pink and yellow color-blocked cat eye to match the girl electric mouth. She#x2019; s already managed to get clear of which she#x2019; t down to try any ridiculous beauty tendency, and she always looks very good doing it. Have a look at Lottie#x2019; s epic attention look beneath. These learners are clearly learning from the best and we#x2019; ll become anxiously awaiting the how to videos using this week#x2019; s school treatment.