Social Media Marketing App Alerts San Joaquin Co. Parents, Law Enforcement

Stockton young Nicole Smith said Kik started out since something enjoyable but some from the so-called friends she communicated with began to say inappropriate things to her. "I was like, No about to catch going to commence that dialogue anymore. This made me feel uncomfortable, inches Nicole said. Nicole's dad, Richard Cruz, saw typically the messages in addition to immediately walked in. "I said, This really is Nicole's daddy, and I required a display shot and report(ed) to authorities, inches Smith stated. Stockton police said applications like Kik are leading to growing worries in the community. "We see teens using this due to the fact it's totally free and parents can't say for sure about it, Stockton Police Officer May well Silva stated. This is gaining concern for all of us in police because we now have heard of teenagers falling food to potential food items using this program to make crimes. Weston Ranch homeowner Traci Gregg said she gets like the girl 12-year-old child could have become a victim if she would not monitor the woman social media balances. "One of them said he was 35 and was saying very unacceptable things I cant do it again but it was sexual, Gregg said. He offered to send out pictures regarding himself without having clothes about. " "It's fine when kids desire to meet kids, but when it might be inappropriate or even involves an adult or kid it needs to prevent, " Jones said.