Photographer Shows That Beauty Is Ageless In These Stunning Nudes

Warning: Some readers might consider a few of these images not safe for work.

Photographer Demetrius Fordham has just released a portrait series calledAgeless Beauty, which celebrates the loveliness of women aged 45 and above. Fordham told The Huffington Post that he wanted his images to challenge the belief that youth is synonymous with beauty. He said, I wanted to show women --despite what society tells them-- that getting older only makes them stronger and more beautiful and that they should own that.
Fordham, who began his photography career 10 years ago in the fashion industry, did not retouch any of the Ageless Beauty photos. He told Huff/Post that the models came from a casting call and most have a creative background in the arts. Beauty really does come from the inside, said the 35-year-old photographer. If a woman feels confident and empowered on the inside, it radiates.