Giuliana On The Cutting Block Since 'Fashion Police' Looks To Change Cast

Will be Giuliana Rancic going out of fashion? After Maggie Cho became a member of the cast full-time, RadarOnline. com provides exclusively found that executives are looking to make a lot more changes to the cast which could mean the final of her reign.
Professionals and makers have been saying that they want one more man besides Brad Goreski, the insider said, incorporating, It would lead to a more well-balanced cast.
Could Rancic be given the boot? She recently moved to Chicago full-time, and the insider said she just will not seem since indispensible since she was previously.
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Some people believe that Giuliana might not be really deliver anything distinctive to the show anymore, the original source claimed. She actually is not really a fashionista, and does not have a lots of credibility in the market.
That would definitely come as a new blow to 41-year-old Rancic, who left her job as the host of Electronic! News right after backlash from Zendaya Colemans racial slur incident.
Many people think Giuliana could shed the job of which she is trying to hold on to, the source told Palpeur.
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To make matters worse, she does not also get along with Brad or Melissa Rivers too anymore.
So who does the system think would be a suitable man replacement for Rancic?
According to the supply, there are a few titles being thrown around, one of which is ICKE Johnson.
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A representative for the community insisted, There is not any truth for the this. Giuliana is a co-host and consulting producer on the series and as our announcement stated a week ago, she will become returning within 2016.
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