Research Liberal Arts -- And Gain Power

Editors note: Eric Liu is the founder of Resident University and the author regarding several publications, including The Gardens of Democracy and The Accidental Asian. He or she served being a White Home speechwriter in addition to policy adviser for Chief executive Bill Clinton. Follow him on Tweets @ericpliu. The opinions indicated in this commentary are exclusively those of mcdougal.
(CNN) -- Four decades ago, British was the top major at Yale. These days its not in the five. History dominant there have fallen by simply more than half in the last decade. From Harvard, humanities majors dropped from 14% of college students in 1966 to 7% in 2010.
As well as not just the particular Ivies. Each month there seems to be a new report on how generous arts plus the humanities are usually disappearing from American universites and colleges. Academics almost everywhere are asking each other anxiously what they are able to do to reverse the drop.
But theyre asking an incorrect people an incorrect question. Rather than talking mainly to other elites, champions of the well-rounded open-handed arts schooling should be communicating directly plus more creatively towards the public.