Mendon-Upton Eighth-graders Produce Art Having A Message

While most eighth-graders are thinking about home work, extracurriculars as well as the highly-anticipated wintertime break, the eighth-graders at Miscoe Hill Middle Institution are taking on some significant sociopolitical concerns.

The approximately 110 eighth-graders at Miscoe recently accomplished what fine art teacher Jonathan Hansen called the #x201c; hardest#x201d; project he has ever given - graffiti-style stencil works of art with deep social plus political themes.

Hansen, who have been teaching in the Mendon-Upton Regional Institution District for 7 years and counting, said the purpose of the assignment was to make students #x201c; a little more socially aware#x201d; and #x201c; encourage them to think. #x201d;

Especially in Mendon and Upton, where the population is #x201c; 96 % white, #x201d; Hansen stated he particularly makes an effort to #x201c; diversify classes. #x201d;

Hansen said he or she promoted the particular assignment as a closer examine of current events generally doesnt take place until high school.

So Hansen introduced these to an performer who does deal with current events - Banksy, an anonymous graffiti designer who makes use of spray paint to create stencil-style art that will challenges social and governmental themes.

After students received background on Banksy as well as the themes his art is centered about, Hansen introduced about twenty topics for example gun control, climate change, child labor, the media, gender equality and wealth distribution. College students could choose from one of the matters or come up with one of their very own.

Students had the freedom to pick their own subject and study it independently, Hansen said, because he wanted them to type their own opinions. #x201d;

Hansen said he or she sometimes wonders if the press or loved ones influence his / her students#x2019; views, specifically when he occasionally learns Islamophobic comments about terrorism or help for Donald Trump#x2019; h anti-immigration policies, which is why, this individual said, this individual wanted the students to research these types of topics on their own.

After studying their topics, students sponged paint more than layers associated with stencils they will cut from oak tag onto construction paper plus attached a written declaration about their task.

The designs that were chosen the most, Hansen said, were gender equal rights and LGBT rights.

Can #x201c; start to see the girls lips drop, #x201d; he said, when they found that pay inequality between women and men #x201c; is a real thing. #x201d;

#x201c; I do believe they were really shocked too, #x201d; he added.

A single student#x2019; t art includes a stricken-out image of a man along with a woman having a greater-than signal facing the person. The caption reads #x201c; I believe of which men are more favored in a way, such as getting money than the usual woman for the similar job. People shouldn#x2019; t think similar to this. It isn#x2019; t reasonable. #x201d;