Police Force And The Transgender Community Workout Sessions

JACKSON, Overlook. (WJTV)? #8212;  Three offices joined together to host two services called Law Enforcement and the Transgender Community.
Typically the sessions were held in Long Beach and at the Jackson Police Department Teaching Academy.
The American Civil Liberties Union and the Southern Poverty Legislation Center supplied support in addition to assistance regarding both services.
They said the purpose of these services is to deliver awareness towards the challenges faced by law adjustment when interacting with citizens that identify by themselves as transgender. The goals of the training sessions were to teach relevant terms, to help police and other participants understand plus respond to detest crimes, to provide an awareness of techniques and helpful successful case development in the event involving transgender victims, witnesses, or local community members and also to alleviate misconceptions about transgender persons.
The U. H Attorney’ h Office for that Southern Area, the Mississippi Attorney General’ s Workplace, and the Doj Community Relationships Services financed the event.