Kisela Also Investigated For Credit Card Use

Destin Town Manager Greg Kisela, who last week flipped City Councilwoman Prebble Ramswell in to the Condition Attorneys Workplace for problems in the city credit card this week finds themself under the exact same scrutiny.

A new citizens public information request resulted in a check written by Kisela to be able to reimburse the location for baseball tickets this individual bought inside April using his own city credit card.

Ramswell said Kisela had carried out precisely the same she believes he switched her quite a few.

Kisela got handed Ramswell a notice at last several weeks city council meeting of which informed the woman he had required the State Legal professionals Office check into use of the city card.

Their state Attorneys Business office confirmed Fri its selection to investigate Ramswell for achievable misappropriation associated with funds.

Expenses Bishop, the chief assistant express attorney for Okaloosa County, said past due Monday evening no demand to investigate Kisela had arrived at him.

Destin Mayor Mel Ponder confirmed, however , the city might turn Kiselas case onto the First Legislativo Circuits Express Attorneys Office.

Were making sure that Greg also should submit their situation towards the State Attorneys Office, Think about said. Each cases is going to be reviewed in addition to acted on accordingly.

Following a revelation that Kisela experienced also refunded the city to get a personal expenditure, Ramswell repetitive her claims that the metropolis manager got targeted the girl specifically because she objected to extensive plan adjustments he wanted made.

Ramswell said hotel expenses had mistakenly been placed on her city cards during a current personal trip to Houston.

She said shed used the city card for personal items when traveling in the past plus written a check to cover these people upon her return.

If somebody said you cannot do it by doing this or this is wrong or this is not a good idea I wouldnt have done it, Ramswell stated Friday.

Kisela sent an email to Consider and the remaining Destin Town Council Weekend to explain their actions. He was out of town Monday and could not be reached with regard to comment.

Their email had been sent in respond to a missive sent to the city from Barbara Comes, who else identifies their self as a soon-to-be Destin resident.

Comes lambasted Kisela with regard to going after Ramswell when he will be guilty of a similar offense.

This particular obvious actions of wanting to smear the reputation of a council individual who has listened and understood what was taking place is a downright dirty act, Comes e-mail said.

Within the email, Kisela offered an explanation for his / her reimbursement to the city.