Elaborate The Most Detrimental Movie Available About Technologies?

These days we looked at how Steve Jobs flopped at the box office--but is actually hardly a disaster of filmmaking. What's the worst movie made with technical as a major plot aspect?

By requirements of Good Films, Steve Jobs has a lot choosing it: sharp, Aaron Sorkin-rich dialogue, outstanding acting from a top-notch cast, sleek manufacturing values. I might take problem with the sappy ending, but Steve Careers is not a bad film about technology.

A bad picture about technologies is 1995's The Net, acting Sandra Bullock being a systems analyst out to orient dastardly cybervillains. You don't remember The Net? The "cyber actions thriller" manufactured in the early times of online, the movie played on all our most severe fears concerning the scary newfangled Internet. There are cyberterrorists, conspiracies, erased identities, terribly crucial floppy devices, and Sandra ordering pizzas online coming from pizza. net. Welcome to the long run.