Nail This Season's Manicure Trends

Here are our step-by-step guides to nailing two of this seasons manicure trends. KHAKI COUTURE Dont be put off by green -this earthy tone is bang on trend and the silver tape adds a glamorous twist. Step one: Prep your nails by filing them into your chosen shape - we went for oval as it provides look a more feminine feel. Apply a base coat and let it dry. Step two: Take your khaki polish and paint a thin layer on each of your nails. Repeat with another coat. 3: Now for the tape. Youll need silver striping tape. Make sure your nails are completely dry, then cut off about 2cm of tape and lay it across your first nail. Dont worry about the overhanging bits - it is possible to trim them off later. Repeat together with your other nails. Step 4: Once youve finished both hands, use nail scissors to neaten up the tape edges. Finish off with a layer of shiny top coat to stop the silver tape from catching. Let it dry completely. PRETTY IN PINK Sweet and sophisticated - this subtle nude look with an eye-catching accent nail will brighten any dull day. Step one: File your nails in to shape and apply a base coat, as above. Step 2: Nude colours usually take a little more building up than darker shades, so you might need three coats of polish in this task. We love the vintage rose shade, but any light pink will work. When applying the polish, be sure you leave your ring fingers bare - youll be paint ing those two a different shade. Step 3: Simply take any gold nail polish (it doesnt matter which one, you wont really view it! ) and paint it on your ring fingers. Apply a second coat of the gold which time, whilst the paint is still wet, take glitter pot in gold filings and sprinkle a bit onto the gold polish. Tap off the excess glitter and repeat with one other nail. Step 4: When your nails are dry, apply a high coat over them all and let it dry. -Daily Mirror