Local Community Gathers To Consider Fallen Police Officers

SIOUX FALLS : Remembering the fallen. Those who served the community. People who protected our families. People who protected our own cities plus our freedoms.
Today households and other law enforcement collected to remember legislation Enforcement Officers who have dropped their lifestyles serving their own communities.
In light associated with recent nationwide headlines, regional law enforcement still thrive within the positivity and support in the community. Lt. Dave McIntire is with the Sioux Falls Police Division.
None of these types of events be shocking to any of us in police, this has been a dangerous profession. We train for that, nevertheless weve actually appreciated the support from our citizens here in Sioux Falls.
Protect in addition to serve. And do it properly. Safe. A thing that local law enforcement believe Habile Falls is usually, including Sgt. Jessica Speckmeier.
Its a really safe community that we reside in and we do not really have of which concern in relation to going in to certain neighborhoods, obviously they have to be safe but its still something, their their career, its what they get paid to perform, its exactly where their hearts and spirits are really at.
Which is what the community gathered to do today. To say say thank you to those who keep us safe and sound. Those who protect our towns every day.