Seeking For Safety: Prevent Being Cheated By Fake Law Enforcement Officers

Going to the party as an officer used to be something kids do for Halloween party.

Now, it seems, some people are doing a similar thing, only theyre not waiting for Halloween, nor are they carrying it out for a chocolate treat.

These people convey more sinister motives in mind if they invest in flashing blue lights for their vehicles, imitation police force badges, in addition to police or even deputy look-alike uniforms.

These imposters are not out to help anyone. Theyre in order to rob, take or assault innocent, law-abiding people.

Just recently, Hope Generators police launched a composite sketch of any man who else stopped the driver upon Golfview Road.

The particular bogus police officer had blinking blue lights in the bumper grille of their car in addition to wore just what appeared to be a deputy sheriffs badge in the belt.

The farsante informed the driver he was appearing stopped regarding speeding, nevertheless issued simply no citation. As an alternative, the fake cop assisted himself for the drivers handgun, which was around the dashboard inside plain look at.

Which is, in fact , inside compliance with the law.

There are occurrences, too, wherever women individuals have been followed by what appears to be a police force vehicle and have pulled over, simply to be attacked.

So, just how are individuals supposed to know whether that will car to their rear with the blinking blue lights is a genuine lawman or a lawman-wannabe?

Hope Generators Detective GD Regan, whos investigating typically the Golfview Street incident, provided some helpful hints.

When the car at the rear of with the glowing blue lights within the grille appears to be an unmarked car, turn on your vehicles emergency flashers.

Drive to a well-lighted safe spot where there are people, if possible, Regan said.

When you do stop, dont move the windows all the way lower. Ask to determine identification.

All law enforcement officers agencies in Cumberland County are usually issued a new department ID card, Regan said. The person being stopped can get to see that, if they have any kind of concerns.

Another option would be to call 911, Regan mentioned, and ask the dispatcher to verify an officer is attempting to stop your vehicle.

Things to tell the 911 operator to help in credit reporting the site visitors stop will be the location of the site visitors stop and description from the vehicle experts, Regan mentioned.

Staff writer Nancy McCleary can be called at [email protected]. com or 486-3568.