5K Run Recalls Fallen Police Officers

SIOUX COMES, SD : More than 130 people took off Saturday to join the Keep in mind the Decreased 5K. The run was at Riverdale Park your car to help keep in mind law enforcement officers who are killed in the brand of duty. The particular run was sponsored with the Fraternal Order of Authorities. Event manager Jessica Speckmeier says it#39; s already been difficult regarding officers across the country.
Anytime we lose an associate of our family members it visits way too near to home. Regardless of whether it#39; t a brother or sibling in Baltimore, Houston, as well as as close up as Rapid City a few years ago, Turner County a couple of years ago. It hits way too close to home. It#39; t like shedding a member of the family, Speckmeier said.
In case you missed Saturday#39; s celebration you can still help out. Tshirts are still available for purchase. If you would like to order 1 you can deliver an email [email protected]. com.