London Tube Strike: Millions Face Travel Damage

We all work to keep London moving day in, day out. Have been already usually at work before 5 was or is available helping passengers get home properly in the earlier hours. All of us cope with an ever-increasing numbers of passengers -- 100 mil more within the last several years -- and are happy to do so, stated a statement around the TSSA site. We dont object to be able to working these hours, or the even lengthier ones as a result of Night Tubing. All all of us ask for is actually a sensible solution to the safety ramifications of the Night Tube, honest negotiations along with a reasonable settlement on pay and several hours. Johnson, on the radio show, said that the Night Tube had been something that lots of people have wanted for a long time and this Underground staff had been presented a very, very fair deal in swap. Tech in addition to tourism: eleven people transforming the way all of us travel CNNs Don Melvin and Alyssa Jackson contributed to this record.