Catch A Train From The Sky! How Vertical Travel May Transform Your Current Commute

Moving around explores the world of future individual transport looking at the latest styles and tech innovations of which shape worldwide travel.
(CNN) -- For many years, skyscrapers possess served because iconic icons of national pride or flashy trophies of business wealth, reshaping the skyline of the sides major urban centers. Perhaps in the future, the particular high-rise superstructures could also aid revolutionize the way we journey.
That, a minimum of, is the bizarre concept at the rear of the Vertical Hyper-Speed Educate Hub, the futuristic suggestion of two UK-based are usually envisaging teaches roaring up and down the side of specially-designed skyscrapers practically as high as the particular Empire State Building.
Towering above the crowded streets associated with future metropolises, these giant buildings are designed to minimize the best slices regarding real estate that major train terminals occupy by turning them on their side.